Elizabeth II, 50 Pence 1981 Brilliant Unc

1981 50 Pence (large size) Brilliant Uncirculated
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Elizabeth II, Five Pence 1997 Brilliant Unc

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Picture of Elizabeth II, 20 Pence 1990 Proof

Elizabeth II, 20 Pence 1990 Proof

The 20 Pence piece although only having been minted since 1982 has turned out to be one of if not the most popular denomination. We have come across a small group of the coins dated 1989-1998 in Proof condition. Here we present the 1990 20 Pence. They are struck in cupro-nickel and come from the Proof Sets of those years. A beautiful coin and you cannot get them in any higher grade…

Elizabeth II, 10 Pence 1980 Proof

The Old large sized 10 Pence was struck from 1968-1992, but it was only struck in Proof condition from 1971-1992. Please remember that over the years these coins will have mellowed a little, but we always send you the best example that we have in stock. The Ten Pence is one of the most collected coins in the UK and is difficult to get in many cases. Here We present the 1980 New Pence with the Machin Bust.