Elizabeth II, £5 (Queen Mother’s 90th birthday) 1990 Sterling Silver Proof

The first £5.00 crownsized coin was struck in 1990 and it honoured the late Queen Mother on her 90th birthday, 1900-1990. You have her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, on the obverse and the entwined letter E & E for the two Elizabeth's on the reverse. Because this was the first crownsized silver $5 coin ever issued, it is especially important. We have gleaming Sterling Silver Proof examples to offer you for your collection. The late Queen Mother was held in very high esteem because of her wartime efforts and also for the support she gave to both her husband and to her daughter. Today the Royal Mint charges between £80-£88 for a silver £5 coin, we think that our price on this first-ever £5 coin is much more interesting.
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MonarchElizabeth II 1952 - 2022
Decimal DenominationFive Pounds
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