Elizabeth II, £5 (Queen Mother) 2000 Silver Piedfort

In 2000 the Royal Mint issued a commemorative £5 to honour the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday. It is a most unusual coin as you have a Queen on both sides. The obverse has Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse her mother Queen Elizabeth. It is very unusual and a fitting tribute to the Queen Mother, who, unfortunately, died just 2 years later. The coins on offer are the Sterling Silver Piedfort coins. That means they are twice as thick as the normal silver proofs. The mintage is just 14,850 coins all in choice Proof condition. Today the Mint charges £167.50 for a Piedfort £5 piece. We made a great buy and we are giving you the chance to share in that fantastic purchase. We're not selling them for £167.50, or even £120.00, we're selling them for JUST £99.50 while supply lasts. Yes, you can own a Sterling Silver Piedfort £5 piece for £68.00 less than the Mint is charging today!
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