Elizabeth II, 25 Pence (Queen Mother's 80th Anniversary Coin & Postcard) 1980 CN Unc

In 1980 the late Queen Mother celebrated her 80th birthday. The Royal Mint issued a special commemorative crown to honour the event. It was in fact, one of the last crowns that the Mint would ever issue. You had the Queen Mother on one side and her daughter, the Queen on the other side. We can offer you this cupro-nickel crown in Uncirculated condition plus we can give a full-colour postcard issued by the Post Office showing the stamp they issued for her 80th birthday. You get the crown and the postcard, both official issues for just £3.95. Very good value for money, don't you think?
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We were lucky enough to have another dealer offer us a couple of original bags of the 2022 Queen Elizabeth II 50 Pence coins. These were issued just before the Queen died and are one of her last coins to be issued. On one side you have the bust of Queen Elizabeth II and on the reverse a large 70 with the crowned cypher in the middle and the dates 1952-2022. These coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and have never been used. We opened the sealed Royal Mint bags ourselves, these coins are about as nice as you can get for coins actually struck to be used. The fifty pence denomination is the most popular or any denomination the Mint issues and this is one of the last Queen Elizabeth II coins to be struck
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Governments worldwide are issuing more and more paper money; they call it QE or Quantitative Easing. We call it making our money worth less and less and if you really need an example, how about Germany in the early 1920s? At that time money became of so little value that someone saw a basket of banknotes, they left the notes and stole the basket! In Canada, during the reign of King George V, we have an excellent example of what inflation can do. We have the Canadian Large Cent of King George V, issued 1911-1920. Then in 1920 they reduced the size greatly and kept this smaller size until 1936. We offer the Large and Small-sized 'Penny' or One Cent coins of King George V, so you can show your friends what inflation can do to coins. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen here… Large size cent issued from 1911-1920 and the small cent issued from 1920-1936
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Low mintage crownsized (38mm) prooflike pattern. Brilliant Uncirculated.