Elizabeth II, £2 (Abolition of The Slave Trade) 2007 Sterling Silver Proof

There has been a lot of talk of late about schools and businesses that were connected at one time to slavery and the slave trade. We are proud to be able to offer this Sterling Silver Proof £2 issued by the Royal Mint to honour the 200th anniversary of the Act for the Abolition Slave Trade in Great Britain. You have the date 1807 with a chain on one side and H. M. Queen Elizbeth II on the other side. They are Sterling Silver with the edge gold plated to emulate the base metal bi-metallic coins. A limited number of pieces are available so if you want one, please act quickly if you want it in your collection.
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MonarchElizabeth II 1952 - 2022
Decimal DenominationTwo Pounds
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In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were only three different bust designs used on her coins from 1838-1901. The Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head. The largest denomination that was regularly issued was the Halfcrown. All three designs were struck in Sterling Silver. Here we offer the Young Head Halfcrown in selected circulated condition.
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