Elizabeth II, 1953 Crown Unc & 1977 Crown Sterling Silver Proof (Pair) in Case

This collection is exclusive to Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop. We are offering a deluxe set containing the 1953 Coronation Crown in Cupro-Nickel with the 1977 Silver Jubilee in PROOF Sterling Silver. Both crowns are in a handsome presentation case with an information leaflet. This Deluxe set with the Sterling Silver crown is only £64.50! We doubt anyone else has the same coins for sale at such low prices...
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Picture of Canada, Edward VIII, Dollar Patina Crowned Bust Goldine/Bronze

Canada, Edward VIII, Dollar Patina Crowned Bust Goldine/Bronze

Canadian Patina piece featuring Edward VIII with a crowned head. The reverse has the famous trapper and native guide in a canoe with a pine tree behind them. The design was used on most Canadian Silver Dollars from 1935 until 1966. The mintage was just 750 pieces. They are struck in bronze and in Prooflike condition and we think are very important to any Edward VIII collection.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £2 1998 Silver Proof Pound

Elizabeth II, £2 1998 Silver Proof Pound

In 1997 the Royal Mint changed the Two Pound Piece. They made it smaller and they also made it bimetallic and as with all new designs or types, collectors put them away. Come the next year and 1998 was almost forgotten by collectors. The coin on offer is the collector’s version of the circulating £2 of 1998, but struck in Proof Sterling Silver. To make the coin look like a bi-metallic coin, they gold plated the rim of the coin, so you see gold and silver, similar colours to the circulating issue. We have found that this 1998 Silver Proof £2 is not an easy coin to find and many collectors are missing it in their collections. An interesting coin almost forgotten by collectors and the price is right.
£49.50 £39.50
Picture of George V, Farthing (Mint Darkened) 1916 Unc

George V, Farthing (Mint Darkened) 1916 Unc

During World War One the Royal Mint darkened the Farthings they issued. This was because they felt that bright coins would cause reflection and allow the enemy to shoot at those with bright coins. To find these coins in Uncirculated condition is rare, as they quickly rubbed on the high points and became circulated. We just bought a group of nice Uncirculated examples that were put away in 1916, 102 years ago. The Monarch is, of course, King George V and the Farthing was the smallest denomination at the time. A very difficult coin to find in such a high grade. The current catalogue price is £20.00 and you would be lucky to find them at that price. But we bought 50 examples put away 102 years ago and we are going to sell them for what we think is a reasonable price or just £14.95, but once these 50 pieces are gone who knows where we will find any more...