Elizabeth II, £100 (Lord Kitchener) 2014 Platinum Proof 70 Ultra Cameo

Your country needs you! 1st World War 100th anniversary, struck in Platinum, slabbed Proof 70 Ultra Cameo, as high a grade as you can ever get!
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This British coin has so much going for it! Issued by the Royal Mint in 2014 to honour the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, 1914-2014: This is a £100 coin, struck in platinum, in Proof and graded 70 out of 70 ultra cameo. You just cannot get any higher grade than this and the total mintage was just 325 coins! It shows the famous Lord Kitchener recruiting poster from the First World War saying, ‘Your Country Needs You’. The mintage is unbelievably low at just 325 coins, that’s right 325 coins for a British coin! That works out to only one coin per 186,000 people in this country! Talk about rare, talk about choice, talk about a low mintage, talk about that it is struck by the Royal Mint, and talk about that it contains one ounce of Platinum.

This is a beautiful and important commemorative coin! The mintage of this coin is so low, that the new catalogue price is £3,000! We and the dealer we bought them from didn’t realise that, so we put our piece in the market for £1,850.

It gave us a reasonable profit and we and the dealer were happy. Then we checked a London dealer’s website and he was asking, not selling, but asking £5,000 for the same coin!!! We made a good buy, so you will make a good buy. That is Coincraft’s philosophy. If you want, you can pay for over two months interest-free.

Please get in quickly as we only have 1 coin left.
Catalogue is £3,000, a dealer is asking £5,000 our price for this Royal Mint platinum coin with a mintage of just 325 coins, is ONLY £1,950.

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