Elizabeth II, 10 Pence 1968 UNC

In fact the Royal Mint issued a set of coins for the new Decimalisation which contained three coins dated 1971 and two dated 1968. The 10 Pence and the 5 Pence were dated 1968 as they had an exact decimal equivalent. This older large sized 10 Pence was dated and issued in1968, three years before the coins were going to be issued. The set was to train people in the new decimal coinage. This 10 Pence is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and a lot of collectors are missing it from their collections.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, 10 pence 1968 Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 10 pence 1968 Uncirculated

One of the most interesting coins of the Decimal series is the 10 Pence pieces, especially the old large-sized coins. The first Decimal 10p was introduced in 1968, replacing the two shilling coin in preparation for decimalisation in 1971. It features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin on the obverse. Today you get the small-sized 10 Pence in your change, as this large-sized coin has not been made for over 16 years.
Picture of George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

These 1936 silver sixpences have the portrait of King George V on them, but they have a far more interesting history. King George V died and his son became King Edward VIII and most of these Sixpences were struck during the reign of King Edward VIII. In December of that year Edward abdicated and his brother became King George VI. While the portrait is that of King George V who knows who was actually on the throne when they were struck. It is an interesting conundrum which will never be figured out.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Five Pence 1987 Brilliant Unc

Elizabeth II, Five Pence 1987 Brilliant Unc

Large sized 'Five Pence' struck in 1987 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.