Elizabeth I, Shilling, VG

Shillings of Elizabeth are very popular and can cost £1000 in higher grades. The shilling is struck in sterling silver and depicts the Queen on the obverse with cross over shield on the reverse. They are undated but were minted in 1560-61 (1558-60 are Rare), before a pause in production for 21 years, then production resumed from 1582 until the end of her reign in 1602. The only way to determine their date is by the mint mark above the Queen and at the start of the reverse legend. Keep an eye out for the Crescent mintmark – the year of the Spanish Armada (1588). This is the first time we have offered these popular and historic coins in VG grade – they are very well circulated but will have an outline portrait although details may be worn. Please NOTE: PHOTOGRAPHY IS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COIN SUPPLIED
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