Egypt £10 P46 1976 Pyramid Unc

Egypt has always drawn on its rich history to illustrate its banknotes and this £10 note dated 1978 is no exception. (P46) The front features the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo while the back shows the sun over three pyramids at Giza. A seated statue of King Chephren with god Horus as a hawk is to the right. Below we find hieroglyphics of months divided into seasons Uncirculated.
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Egypt 10 Pounds 1968-78 P46 Brown red Unc

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Egypt 10 Pounds P-New Polymer Unc

Two different new polymer notes from the Middle East. The first is the 10 Pounds from Egypt with a view of the Al-Fattah Al Alimi mosque on the front and a vignette of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramids on the back. The second is from the United Arab Emirates, this time the 5 dirhams denomination. The front features the Ajman Fort Watchtower on the front and the hilltop Dhayah Fort in Al Khaimah on the back. Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan appears in the see through security panel.
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Over 800 years old
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Vatican, 2 Lire (Holy Year) 1958 Brilliant Unc

Citta del Vaticano, or Vatican City, issued its own coins up until 2002 when it adopted the Euro. These Aluminium 2 Lire coins (KM.50) were issued in the name of Pope Pius XII in 1958 and were the last of their type issued since he died in October 1958. The coins are low mintage with only 30,000 being struck. They have the crowned shield on the obverse and on the reverse the figure of Fortitude standing with a lion at his feet. Even better, they come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are now nearly 65 years old and rather difficult to find.