Edward VIII, Pseudo 6 Coin Set

We don’t know who struck this set of Edward VIII pseudo coins but we do know that it was struck in the past ten years. We know that we bought the collections at a most reasonable price, as is Coincraft’s policy if we bought it right, we sell it right. There are six pieces struck in prooflike cupro-nickel. Each piece is the size of a regular coin and has the bare head of the King on the obverse. Crown with Una and the lion, Halfcrown with St. George and the dragon, Florin with the reverse of the Queen Victoria Gothic Florin, Shilling with Britannia seated, Sixpence with 6 above a coat of arms and Threepence with 3 in a wreath. All six pieces are retro dated 1936 and it is a most attractive set, so attractive that even Richard (our founder) has added a set to his own Edward VIII collection. We have seen this set for sale at all sorts of prices the lowest being £39.50. We don’t have a case for the set, but we will offer it to you for just £19.50, which we think is excellent value for money.
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A while back we offered the Silver Model of this issue, now we have found the cupronickel and the brass strikings. They were originally made as plasters by the famous sculptor Henry Paget, the same man who made the 1935 Crown. They should have been small-sized as the denomination was intended to be 10 Cents, but they are in fact crownsized. You have a sailing ship on one side with the date 1955 and the denomination 10 C. They were made originally for the British Caribbean Territories – Eastern Group. We have just 3 in stock and when they are gone there will be no more. They are Rare and have the word ‘Model’ on the reverse.
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