Edward VII, Patina Pattern Double Florin Copper

The first and only time that a Double Florin was issued for circulation was during the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. A Double Florin is somewhat smaller than a Crown containing four shillings rather than the five that a Crown contains. International Currency Bureau made up what an Edward VII Double Florin might have looked like, had one actually been made. These show the bare head of the King surrounded by a circle of dots. They only made 750 of this privately issued medallic pattern. They were struck in copper and goldine; here we are offering the copper variant. You have the bare head of King Edward VII on one side and four shields with sceptres in between. Each piece was struck in Proof condition and considering the quality and the low mintage, we think they are excellent value for the money.
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Picture of Victoria, Patina Double Florin Copper

Victoria, Patina Double Florin Copper

The Double Florin was only issued with the Jubilee Head of Queen Victoria from 1887-1890. So INA asked what if they had issued a Double Florin with the Old Head of Queen Victoria on it, what would it look like? What they did, is in their Patina series, strike a piece to show what an Old Head Double Florin might have looked like. As usual with the Patina series, the engraving and quality of the product is outstanding. We have the Patina Queen Victoria Old Head Double Florins available in copper and goldine. Here we present the Double Florin in Copper. They won’t cost you the earth and will add to your collection. After all, they didn’t make this coin, but here it is… These are Patina retro-patterns, made to show what the coin might have looked like had it actually been made at the time. All pieces are in Uncirculated condition.