Edward VII, Halfcrown 1906 Good Fine

PHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COIN SUPPLIED, but all coins provided are 1906 Halfcrowns in Good Fine.
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Picture of Edward I, Treasure (London) Penny Fine

Edward I, Treasure (London) Penny Fine

This is one of the most fantastic Treasure Trove Hoards we have ever bought. On the 10th of May 1877 at Montrave, Fifeshire, Scotland a hoard of King Edward I Silver Pennies was found. The coins are over 700 years old, and the treasure was found over 140 years ago! They were declared and sent to the British Museum for cataloging. This Treasure hoard was found on the land belonging to Mr. Allan Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave over 140 years ago, and collectors now have the chance to own a specimen from this incredible hoard. As supplies are running short we have increased the price of the coins slightly. But it's still British Treasure over 700 years old untouched for more than 140 years. Supplies are limited.
Picture of Victoria, Double Florin Fine

Victoria, Double Florin Fine

Do you have this Victorian Silver Coin in your pocket? Well no actually you don’t, but you might have the direct decimal equivalent. If you have in your pocket or handbag a 20p piece please get it out. Because the coin we are offering you is the same denomination but in Victorian spending money. The famous or infamous Victorian Double Florin (Four Sterling Silver Shillings) would be worth 20p in today’s money. Here we present the coin in Fine condition. First issued for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 the Double Florin was last issued in 1890. Too many drunk barmaids gave change for a crown 5 shillings when they were only given a Double Florin 4 shillings. This helped to get them to stop making this short-lived denomination. Its nickname quickly became ‘the barmaid’s ruin’, for all those barmaids who gave the wrong change and were ruined..

Victoria, Double Florin 1890 Fine

The Double Florin was a short-lived denomination 1887-1890, which had a value of four shillings and was struck in Sterling Silver. We have bought a nice group the last and more difficult date, 1890, they are in Very Good and Fine condition. The collector had something for that date and put aside all that he saw over a rather long period of time. These coins were also known as ‘The Barmaid’s Ruin’ as they often mistook the four-shilling piece for a crown or five-shilling piece. We are going to offer this better date coin at the same price we would charge for a regular date of Double Florin. All coins are dated 1890 and are available in two different grades, Fine the choice is yours…