Edward I, Penny (London) Fine

King Edward I, 1272-1307, Silver Penny in Fine.
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Picture of Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Not sure how to start collecting ancient Roman coins? We have tried to make things easy for you! This collection spans a 125 year period from A.D. 253 to A.D. 378, an era which saw the mighty Roman Empire recover from the edge of decline and disaster back to glory and grandeur. These bronze coins will comprise the emperors Gallienus, Constantine the Great, Constans, Valentinian, Constantius II and Valens. This means the coins will be at least 1640 years old! Each coin will be in nice collectable condition and clearly identifiable with a well-defined portrait of the emperor who issued it. These coins were minted and circulated across the Empire, each will come with an information sheet containing a short history of the emperor. Start collecting ancient Roman coins today with this set, or offer it to your favourite ancient history buff! The coins are not mounted onto the cards, they are supplied in individual envelopes marked with the emperors' name.
Victoria, Crown (Gothic) with St George reverse Patina Proof in Goldine_obv

Victoria, Crown (Gothic) with St George reverse Patina Proof in Goldine

Until we bought the archives from International Currency Bureau, (it weighed over half a ton), We had never seen this rendition of the Gothic Crown. The Gothic Crown is considered perhaps the most beautiful British coin ever struck. This private crownsized proof piece has the Queen Victoria Gothic Crown on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. They are struck in goldine which looks like gold but really is a base metal. We understand that the mintage was just 250 pieces. It is beautiful, this is the first time offered and to be honest, it is value for money.
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India, Rupee 1862 About Unc

The first Silver Rupee struck under British India was in 1862. It had the wonderful Gothic bust of Queen Victoria with its ornate design. We have a small hoard of high-grade examples to offer you, they are Extremely Fine and About Uncirculated. Remember these silver coins are now 161 years old and the first Rupee of British India. There are many varieties and for that, you need the specialist catalogue, we have not checked any of these coins for better varieties. The hardbound catalogue was made to sell for £75.00 we can offer you one for just £25.00 and you can check the varieties yourself.