East India Company 1/12 Anna 1835 Abt. Unc.

This is a denomination that you just don’t see all that often and when you do they are in Fine – Very Fine condition. We have a small group in what we will call About Uncirculated with lustre, We have seen a couple of similar coins graded Uncirculated. Coincraft is a little more conservative in our grading. This coin is Rare and so is the condition. KM445. It is a small lot and one you should not miss out on. This coin and condition is RARE.
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Picture of Australia, 1927 'Canberra' Florin  A.UNC

Australia, 1927 'Canberra' Florin A.UNC

In 1927 Australia issued its first commemorative Florin. It was for the opening of their new Parliament building in Canberra. They have a portrait of King George V on one side and the new Parliament building on the other side. They are struck in Sterling Silver and usually come in Very Fine condition. I managed to buy just 10 pieces in About Uncirculated condition. They are difficult to find in such a high grade.
Domitian Denarius Minerva Very Fine_obv

Domitian Denarius Minerva Very Fine

Titus Flavius Domitianus was born in Rome in A.D. 51 to the future emperor Vespasian. Side-lined for much of his youth, the sudden death of his older brother, Titus, in A.D. 81 made Domitian emperor. His tyrannical reputation is due to the historians writing about him being of the senatorial ruling class with whom he clashed politically; he executed at least 12 ex-consuls! But, when all the evidence is considered, including archaeology such as coins, it shows he was a ruthless but efficient ruler who provided the foundation of the peaceful second century. He was loved by the people and the army for improving their lives, for instance he improved the silver quality of the coinage, therefore public trust in money. We have a small group of Domitian’s silver Denarius grading Very Fine that show his bust on the obverse and his patron deity, Minerva, standing on the reverse. She was the Roman version of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategic warfare. Fill this gap in your collection and decide for yourself, Tyrant or Terribly Misunderstood?