Dutch Silver 2 1/2 Guilder Extremely Fine

Recently we offered buyers the chance to buy the crown-sized 2½ guilder coin issued during the reign of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, but now we can also offer the same coin from the 1929 until 1940. This was from the reign of Queen Wilhelmina, the country’s longest serving monarch who was on the throne for 58 years. Production stopped in 1940 due to the German invasion and no more of this denomination were minted until after Wilhelmina’s abdication in 1948. These 2½ guilder coins are slightly larger than later issues.
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Canada, Nova Scotia, Victoria One Cent

Before Nova Scotia became part of the Canadian Confederation, she issued some coins in her own name. The coin on offer is the large copper One Cent coin of Queen Victoria. There were never many coins issued by Nova Scotia. So if you collect a coin of a country then this is the coin you will need for your collection. You have the bust of Queen Victoria on one side and the name and the value on the other side. These One Cent coins were only issued between 1861 and 1864. They are in Very Good –Fine condition and we are sure you will be pleased with them. But supplies are limited.
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1922 Silver Peace Dollar Extremely Fine.