Netherlands, Dutch 1/2c 1906 BU

The Half Cent coin of the Netherlands is the smallest coin they have ever issued. Because it was so widely used you usually see them in worn condition. We have a small group of the 1906 Netherlands Half Cent in Brilliant Uncirculated and Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. These coins are in an outstanding condition. Get them while you can!
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A couple of issues ago we ran the George V silver type set of New Zealand coins, this issue we offer the King George VI silver type set. Because they are newer coins, they will be in slightly better condition than the George V set. All the coins were issued between 1937-1946 and you get the Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence all struck in silver plus the Penny and Halfpenny in Bronze. In fact these were the last New Zealand coins struck in silver for general circulation. The population of New Zealand is rather small so they didn’t have to make so many coins and remember these are the last silver coins of New Zealand.