Duchess of Windsor Letter & Envelope

Almost everyone has heard about the sale at Sotheby’s of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s possessions, prices were not high, they were astronomical! The Duchess of Windsor’s stationery in pale blue with a thin red and white border and complete with an embossed Crown in red; here we are offering an A5 letter with envelope. We made up a rather beautiful certificate of authenticity, with the lot number that the stationary came from at auction, a photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the date of the auction and the signature of our director. This will guarantee for ever the authenticity of your piece of history from this incredible auction. The price is, we believe extremely reasonable, after all at Coincraft we don’t have to pay vast overheads and we are a small family business. You can actually own a piece of history at a price that will please and delight you.
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