Djibouti 1000 francs 2005 P42 Unc

Djibouti 1000 francs nd P42a Pink and yellow. Ali Ahmed Oudoum at r and men loading sand at centre/Ship and aerial view of port. Unc
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Cuba 500 Pesos 2022 P-New Unc

Cuba 500 Pesos 2022 P-New Unc

In recent times, Cuba has issued a series of higher value notes. This 500 pesos, dated 2022, features a portrait of 19th century Cuban Revolu-tionary Ignacio Agramonte.(P-New) He played an important role in the Ten Years War. He was killed in the Battle of Jimaguayu by a stray bullet at the age of just 32. On the back, we find a view of the Meeting of the Assembly of Guimaro on April 1869 gathered round a table with Carlos Manuel de Cespedes amongst others. Uncirculated.