De La Rue/Giori Europe Test Note Bieleomatik Cut Pak 50 GVF-EF

To be honest we're not sure why or even when these notes were printed. But we're guessing that they are Test Notes which were subsequently cut using the Cut Pak 50 machine. We could be wrong of course! All we know is that they are interesting. They were produced by De La Rue Giori S A Bielomatik and are printed on one side only with a vignette of a young woman. They all appear to have been run through a machine at some time which is why we believe they are a Test note of some kind...
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De La Rue Promotional Note 100 IBNS London Congress 1997 Unc

In 1996, the famous security printers, De la Rue issued a special House Note to honour the centenary of its founder. A portrait of Thomas de La Rue is pictured to the right with a view of current De la Rue Headquarters in Basingstoke on the back. This beautifully printed note is completed with a windowed security thread and a watermark celebrating Portals the illustrious firm of papermakers. In 1997 at the annual London Congress of the International Banknote Society examples of these notes were distributed to attendees and an overprint was added with the IBNS logo and the dates. This is the variety we are delighted to offer now in Crisp Uncirculated.
Hong Kong 10 dollars 1989-92 P191c Unc

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Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 10 dollars. (P191) All dated between 1989 and 1992 the arms of the bank are on the front. On the back a view of the new Head Quarters together with the famous lion statues and boats in the harbour. Uncirculated.
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This Japanese Hansatsu note was issued in the 19th century, it is often referred to as Book Mark Money, because of its shape. A dealer friend recently went to Japan and picked up a group of these fascinating pieces of financial history, including this on offer now. It is printed in black on a cream card with red seals and a vignette of a man in flowing robes.