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Picture of 1977 Silver Jubilee Roll of Crowns

1977 Silver Jubilee Roll of Crowns

This Crown or Twenty-Five Pence coin was issued in 1977 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. It carries on the tradition of the Coronation crown, in that the Queen is on horseback. They are struck in cupro-nickel. We have had some wonderful strong plastic tubes come in from the States. They hold 20 crownsized pieces safe and secure. These Crowns are in Uncirculated condition, we have taken them from original mint sealed bags. A wonderful thing to own or you could break up the roll and give them as gifts.

Complete date set of Edward VII, Silver Threepences Very Good

Of all the Monarchs who issued coins in the 20th Century, the most difficult one to get coins from is King Edward VII. That is because his reign was so short, in fact, they only issued coins dated from 1902 until 1910. We offer the smallest silver coin issued for Edward VII, the Silver Threepence. They are struck in Sterling Silver, here we offer the complete date set in at least Very Good condition. Remember all these coins are now more than 100 years old!
Picture of Edward VII, Florin Full Date Set

Edward VII, Florin Full Date Set

In the short reign of King Edward VII 1901-1910 the most difficult coin to find in collectable condition is the Florin. As most collectors know the Florin, in general, is the most difficult coin to find. After all the first Florin was only issued in 1849. The trouble with the King Edward VII florins is that the date is in too high a relief. It is on the highest part of the coin, so it is also the first thing to wear off. You would be surprised at how many florins we get offered with the date worn off. Without the date, they are just not good enough for our collectors. We bought a very nice group from a dealer who had been hoarding these Edward VII Florins for years. All his coins had a readable date, so I quickly scooped them up. Add a dated and readable Edward VII Florin to your collection!
EL2 HD SET 1953-1967_main

Elizabeth II Halfpenny Set 1953-1967

The Complete set of Queen Elizabeth II Pre-decimal Halfpennies dating from her Coronation Year of 1953 to 1967. A total of 14 different dates. All coins grade Fine – Very Fine, but many of the later dates are better, and the early years are now quite hard to find.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1953 Coronation Set / 'Plastic Set'

Elizabeth II, 1953 Coronation Set / 'Plastic Set'

In 1953, for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Mint issued new coins with the Queen’s portrait. For the first time ever, they issued all the coins from the Farthing to the Halfcrown in a plastic wallet. So this set became known as the ‘Plastic Set’. You get the Farthing, Halfpenny, Penny, Brass Threepence, Sixpence, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Florin, and Halfcrown, all in the plastic wallet as issued. Of course, over the past 65 years the wallet has become a little bit brittle and the coins a little mellowed in toning. They are important one-year type coins and the first coins of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. But, and this is a very important point, the 1953 coins are all unique type coins. In 1954 they changed the legend and therefore the 1953 coins are all unique one-year type coins. Available here with light toning.

Elizabeth II, 1977 Silver Jubilee Set Uncirculated

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. The Royal Mint issued the coins in Brilliant Uncirculated for circulation, but these coins are not easy to find. An old time dealer came in the other day and sold us 100 sets of these coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. There is no case for these coins because they are the real coins struck to be used. There are also four coins which are no longer made, the 1/2 Pence coin and the large sized 50 Pence, 10 Pence and 5 Pence pieces. Please remember that we have just 100 sets of these Silver Jubilee coins in stock and once they are gone, who knows where we will find any more. All coins were made to be used and all coins are unused Brilliant Uncirculated condition. You get the 1/2p, 1p, 2p, 5p (large), 10p (large), 50p (Large) and the commemorative Crown as well.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1997 Complete Set (Maklouf bust) Unc

Elizabeth II, 1997 Complete Set (Maklouf bust) Unc

When the Royal Mint strikes coins, they strike them in three different qualities. The Proof coins for the Proof Sets, the Specimen coins for the Mint Sets, and the Uncirculated for actual usage. The ones that are most difficult to get are the real Uncirculated coins. We have tried bank after bank and they just don’t have Uncirculated coins available. Perhaps the Royal Mint wants to protect their striking of Specimen and Proof Sets. The real Uncirculated set on offer, that is coins that were struck for usage by the public and not for inclusion into sets is dated 1997. You get the Uncirculated 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p, the coins are Brilliant Uncirculated with the occasional bag mark, but these coins were struck to be used and as such are extremely difficult to get. These were the last coins struck with the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on them. A very difficult set to get.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 2000 Millennium Set of 5 in Silver

Elizabeth II, 2000 Millennium Set of 5 in Silver

In 2000 to celebrate the Millennium, the Royal Mint issued the regular coins in your pocket in Proof Sterling Silver. Someone broke up some of these sets and we bought what was left. Because collectors are always looking for a Silver example of the coins they collect. You get the 1p, 2p, 5p 10p and 20p of 2000 all struck in Proof Sterling Silver. Each coin comes in a protective capsule as issued in the set. We would usually charge much more if I sold them as individual coins, but let’s make it a Special Price to make everyone happy. You get all five (5) Sterling Silver Proofs for just £98.50 which is less than £20 a coin. Look what the Royal Mint is charging for similar single coins today. Supplies are limited
Picture of Elizabeth II, Large & Small 1997 50p in Silver Proof FDC

Elizabeth II, Large & Small 1997 50p in Silver Proof FDC

Silver Proof Fifty Pence Two-Coin Set, 1997. In original Royal Mint presentation case with certificate.
Picture of George V, Silver Set 1920

George V, Silver Set 1920

This 1920 set of King George V Silver coins is Very Important. Firstly because the set is now over 100 years old and secondly because it is the first year that our coins were not struck in Sterling Silver but in 500 fine silver. The Government decided to reduce the silver content of our coins from 925 or Sterling Silver to 500 fine silver and that was that. This was the first time in living memory that our coins were not struck in Sterling Silver. This is a very important and significant set of coins. You get the King George V Silver Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence, and Threepence, all the silver coins that were struck that year. Remember that these were the first coins struck in 500 fine silver and the last was in 1946 under King George VI. All coins are circulated but even though they are now over 100 years old, the coins have been carefully selected. There is no special packaging, as we believe our collectors want coins and not having to pay for fancy packaging. That way we can keep the price down for you! We have been putting these sets together for the past two years in anticipation of this important year. Supplies are limited and you may see one or two of the coins being offered elsewhere, but not at our price and not the complete collection!
Picture of George V, World War One Silver & Bronze set

George V, World War One Silver & Bronze set

We have put together some sets of coins that were struck and used during World War I. That means they were struck between 1914-1918 and that the silver coins are struck in Sterling Silver. Each set contains a Sterling Silver Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence of King George V plus a bronze Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing.
Picture of George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

We all admired the excellent award-winning movie, ‘The King’s Speech’ in 2010 which showed King George VI’s determination and strength. Now you can own original coins from the reign of George VI issued from 1937-1952, a Coronation Stamp issued in 1937 and a banknote issued just after World War II. You’ll receive the coins that were actually used during George VI’s reign: the bronze Farthing, Halfpenny and Penny, plus the brass Threepence, Silver Threepence and cupronickel Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Half Crown. These are original, genuine coins and were actually used as money in the reign of King George VI. You also get an Uncirculated British Armed Forces 2nd series Pound issued by Command of the Army Council in 1948. To top it off, you get a Mint stamp issued in 1937 for George VI’s Coronation, issued and overprinted for use in British Morocco. This collection is exclusive to Coincraft. The entire collection comes in a presentation wallet loaded with interesting and historic information.
Sixpence WWII Date Collection (Silver)

George VI, Sixpence WWII Date Collection (Silver)

In the reign of King George VI many different and important events happened. Without doubt, the most important event was World War II. For the first time, it really was a World War with fighting in Europe, in the Far East, in Africa, and in South America. At that time our coinage was still being struck in Silver, mainly because cupronickel was much more important to the war effort than Silver. We have put together complete date sets of the World War II Silver Sixpences as issued in this country. You get nice circulated examples of the King George VI Sixpence of 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. Remember that the Silver Sixpence ceased to exist after 1946. You get the complete collection for just £45.50.
Royal Mint Set 1997 Date Set

Royal Mint Set 1997 Date Set

We have been looking in one of our storerooms and came up with a small group of one of the later date Mint Sets, the 1997 Mint Sets. The earlier sets were put away in quantity, the late dated were not. Some of these are very difficult to get as not all the coins they contain were issued for circulation. In the case of the 1997 Set, it was the old large style 50p that was not issued for circulation, and remember, our supplies are very limited.