Cyprus, £1 1978 P43c Unc

These Cyprus £1 notes are over 40 years and in choice Uncirculated condition. (P43c) They are dated 1978 and like all Cypriot notes have long vanished from circulation since Cyprus joined the Eurozone in 2008. A stone carving from Byzantine marble found at Ayios Philon appears on the front alongside the Cypriot Coat of Arms. On the back a view of the Bekir Pasha aqueduct near Larnaca and the Colonnade of Polaestra of the Gymnasium Salamis. Crisp Uncirculated- really lovely notes. Catalogue Value 150 US Dollars Our price just £87.50
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Cyprus £1 1978 P43c Brown on white Sculpted ring at l and Arms and map of island at r/ Avenue of arches and columns. Unc