Cuba, 20 pesos 1960 P80c Che EF

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Cuba, 10 Pesos 1960 Che P88c Unc

Cuba 10 pesos 1960 P88c Pink and grey De Cespedes at r and tree and wheel cog at centre/ Cows and milking machine Unc
1954 Canadian $1_Dollar

Canada 1 Dollar 1954 Elizabeth II P74/5 Fine

One dollar note from Canada featuring the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The note is dated 1954, the year after her Coronation, offered in Fine to VF condition. (P74/5)
Picture of Cuba  Granma 20 pesos 1964 Specimen P97b Unc

Cuba Granma 20 pesos 1964 Specimen P97b Unc

These 20 pesos Specimen notes were issued by Cuba in 1964. (P97) The portrait of Camilo Cienfuegos is on the front while on the back we finda depiction of the disembarkation from the yacht Granma in 1956. On board were 82 fighters intent on overthrowing the regime of Fulgencia Batista to initiate the Cuban Revolution. Batista predicted where the fighters would land and sent helicopters and planes to attack the group. 62 were killed but among the survivors was Fidel Castro and as they say the rest is history. The yacht, which soon became an icon for Cuban communism can now be seen in the Museum of the Revolution in Havana. Crisp Uncirculated 20 pesos 1964 Specimen at just £8.95 each