Cuba 1 Peso Specimen 1960s Fidel entering Havana Unc

The passing of Fidel Castro caused quite a wide variety of opinions as to his place in history. There were no monuments to him in Cuba but this 1 peso Specimen note dated in the 1960s and 1970s is perhaps the only one featuring Fidel. It depicts his triumphant entry into Havana on 8th January 1959 after the overthrow of the Batista regime. Fidel is shown alongside fellow revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos and surrounded by a large crowd. Crisp Uncirculated.
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Cuba, 3 pesos 1985 Specimen (P107s) Uncirculated

Red banknote on multicoloured underprint. Ernesto "Che" Guevara at centre. On the back "Che" cutting sugar cane. Specimen with blue MUESTRA overprint twice on each side. A wonderful set of specimen notes with the iconic portrait of Che Guevara.
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These small silver 1 dirham coins circulated in Sindh province, which is located in what is now south-east Pakistan. Also known as “damma”, the coins were in use during the rule of the Habbari Dynasty, which ruled Sindh and the Punjab between 854AD and 1011AD. The coins themselves date from the time of the founder of the dynasty, Umar bin Abdul Aziz al-Habbari, who reigned from 854AD until 884AD. Although there has been some wear and tear, these coins are over 1,000 years old and are in Very Fine condition.