Cuba, 1 Peso 1995 OXEN Cupro Nickel

This One Peso coin was issued by Cuba in 1995 for the FAO or Food for All series of the United Nations. You have oxen on one side and the arms of Cuba on the other side. This One Peso is struck in cupronickel and the mintage is just 5,684 pieces. They are in Uncirculated condition but have mellowed a little over the past 26 years. Supplies are very limited and it would make a wonderful gift for a farmer.
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Picture of Swatini (Swaziland) Mint Set 2015 (6 coins)

Swatini (Swaziland) Mint Set 2015 (6 coins)

Countries change their name from time to time and the African nation of Swaziland has done just that. But they changed their name to eSwatini something I cannot even pronounce. This could be their last coins ever with the name Swaziland still on them. There are six coins including three big ones in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. You get the 10 Cents with sugar canes, 20 Cents with an elephant, 50 Cents with a lion and an elephant, 1 Lilangeni with a native woman, 2 Lilangeni with a flower, and 5 Lilangeni with their coat of arms with a lion and an elephant. Who knows when the new coins are due but no doubt they will not have the name Swaziland on them. A nice set and sure to be replaced shortly with a new name on them.
Picture of East Caribbean States, $10 commemorative, 1981. BU Prooflike

East Caribbean States, $10 commemorative, 1981. BU Prooflike

Crown-sized $10 commemorative issued in 1981 to for the World Food Day, 16 October.
Picture of Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

As many of you who collect Euros know, anything from Monaco is rare and expensive. The same holds true for the Pattern Ecu pieces of 1994. At that time everyone thought the new coinage was going to be called Ecus and not Euros. These were privately issued and highly collected. We have bought out the last of the group that was struck in 1994 and our prices are far more reasonable. These pieces can never be struck again. They have the famous Montgolfier’s balloon taking off over a country house with air balloons and sailing ships over a map of Europe