Cook Islands, Crown-size $1, 80th Anniversary of TV. Brilliant UNC

Issued in 2006 to mark the 80th anniversary of Television this unusual coin contains a hologram.
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This most unusual crown was issued by the Cook Islands in the South Pacific in 2006 for the 80th anniversary of the Television. But it is unusual because it has a hologram of a TV on it. When you move it up and down the right hand half of the screen image changes.
You have the portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the hologram TV on the other side. These crowns are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and have a denomination of One Dollar.
We understand that they were originally issued at £9.95 in 2006, but we bought some at the right price so, as is Coincraft’s policy, if we buy them right, we sell them right. Supplies are limited so hurry.

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