Cook Islands, Crown Size $1 (Mahatma Gandhi) 2004

This beautiful One Dollar crownsized coin was issued by the Cook Islands in 2004 to honour Mahatma Gandhi. You have Gandhi on one side and H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. Gandhi is wearing his glasses something that showed he was getting older with an Indian temple next to him. Each coin is heavily silver plated, struck in Choice Proof condition and it comes in a protective capsule. This is the first time that we have been able to offer this important and beautiful coin. He was a fantastic man and one to be admired.
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This Indian banknote is a real treasure, the paper is from World War II, the only time the Germans bombed Scotland! The Bank of England had printed the watermarked paper for King George VI banknotes of India. The paper would be over printed in India and used as money. The watermark shows the portrait of King George VI with the words ‘Reserve Bank of India’ and the denomination ‘Ten Rupees’. These banknote sheets were on the treasure ship for more than 50+ years. We bought the treasure ship that contained all the sheets. There was a great write up in IBNS Journal a few years back. We have had them cut into collectable sheets of four notes, which is a great size for display. Hold a light behind the sheet to see it in all its glory. India, World War II and treasure, what more could you want? We have seen the uncut sheet of 4 Indian banknotes bring £60-£65 each at auction. They probably bought them from us and then put them into auction... You can have them at our price and not the auction price.