Constantius II Bronze Very Fine Soldier spearing fallen horseman

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Constantius II, the last surviving son of Constantine the Great. Constantius II was born in A.D. 317 and named after his grandfather, the Tetrach Constantius I, who came to Britain and died at York. After Constantine the Great died in A.D. 337 Constantius II shared the rule of the empire with his two brothers. After a 13 years of tension Constantius II emerged as the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. He was involved in many wars throughout his reign, putting down rebellions and defending the empire against invaders. He died in A.D. 361 on the way to fight another rival, who became his successor, Julian II. These bronze coins offered here in Very Fine have the reverse design of a Roman soldier spearing a fallen horseman with the obverse showing a profile bust of Constantius II. We have offered different types of Constantius II before, check your collection as we suspect you will not have this reverse from this interesting and successful ruler.
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Constantine II, Follis (Gloria Exercitus) Very Fine

From the series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty, we are now offering Constantine II, the son who thought that he should have ruled alone as the eldest. Probably born in A.D. 316 to Constantine the Great, Constantine Junior was raised to the rank of Caesar very young in A.D. 317, showing some military prowess in the next 20 years. On the death of his father in A.D. 337, he was made Senior Augustus and given Spain, Gaul, and Britain to rule. He thought he deserved more so set out to take from his younger brother, Constans, in Italy. But Constantine was ambushed by his brother’s troops and killed in A.D. 340, lasting only three years. We offer bronze coins struck A.D. 330-337 with the reverse ‘GLORIA EXERCITVS’ or ‘Glory to the Army’. Here we offer the coin in Very Fine, very reasonable for a coin almost 2,000 years old. Get it now, so you won't feel jealous later...
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Bronze Antoninianus in Very Fine condition
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Genghis Khan Coin Package Grade 2

These are original and genuine copper coins of Genghis Khan 1162-1227. They came in our unique full colour information folder. There is an elephant on one side and arabic writing on the other side. We normally sell them for £14.95, especially considering their age and packaging. Phil took a look our stock and said, ‘while all of the coins are real, some of them are just too worn or off centre to sell for our normal price!’. OK Phil talked and Richard eventually listened, here is the story… These are the original Genghis Khan coins, in the full colour package, but the coin will have seen considerable wear, so we will call them grade 2. We don’t know how many we have. We will let Phil sort them properly. But our price on grade 2 Genghis Khan coins is not £14.95 but only £6.95 while they last. The make great holiday gifts, think of the age...