Congo, Roll of 12 Warrior Crowns Proof Silver Plated

This fantastic set of 12 Crowns from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was issued in 2010. It depicts Warriors of the World in crownsized Proof sliver plated 10 Franc pieces. It is listed as KM201-212, but it is the first time that we have seen them or owned them. They are gleaming two-toned proofs and look just like a silver coin, but they are in fact heavily silver plated. They depict the following warriors: Ninja, Chinese, Templar Knight, English Archer, Spartan, Gladiator, Zulu, Mongolian, Centurion, Viking, Celtic & Samurai. We bought them right and we are going to sell them right. You can have the whole collection of 12 different Warrior Crowns for a very fair and reasonable price. Get in quickly at this price.
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