Coincraft's Scotland & Ireland Catalogue

Coincraft`s Standard Catalogue of the Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
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Coincraft is proud to offer The Standard Catalogue of the coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It was the first new book on the subject since 1984 and is one book that everyone will want and need.

Richard Falkiner in the Antique Trade Gazette says "indeed clarity seems to have been the watchword of its team of authors. The first thing that struck your reviewer was the immense amount of work which has gone into this catalogue and it is difficult to see how it could be superseded"/

This covers the whole of the British Isles and Islands in an easy to use way, that tells you what the coin is and a little history about the coin and the time it was struck.

A huge (A4) book contains 439 pages of information on glossy art paper, and is heavily illustrated in the usual Coincraft format. This is more than a catalogue - it is a history of the nations and the time as well.

Before we ship books we will advise you of the shipping costs by e-mail, as these costs vary significantly per book and per region

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