Coin Collecting Tips: Edward IV Groat (second Reign 1471-1483)

The groats from Edward IV’s second reign are very similar to the first reign light coinage issues, which is hardly surprising as the two periods were only seven months apart. In identifying a second reign groat, collectors should check firstly, that the mint on the reverse inner circle reads CIVITAS LONDON for London, VILLA BRISTOW (varieties) for Bristol or CIVITAS EBORACI for York. Secondly, any marks, such as pellets or roses, correspond to those listed under the various classes, And thirdly, the mintmark found above the king’s head on the obverse and at the beginning of the outer circle legend on the reverse, ties in with the appropriate class. However, in some cases dies were muled so a different mintmark appears on each side of the coin; this situation is not uncommon for coins from this period.

Most of these issues are fairly common and coins are usually found in Fine condition although VF and EF examples are not uncommon. Most coins tend to be unclipped. Such is the case of this Groat from the London Mint offered in About Very Fine.

Edward IV Groat, (Second Reign) Mm Pierced


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