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Picture of British Cheque Selection (8 pieces)

British Cheque Selection (8 pieces)

These days when you write a cheque and send it off, that’s the last you’ll see of it. That wasn’t always so. Banks used to return the cheques to you once they were paid. This selection of 8 different cheque dated from the 1890’s through to the 1930’s many are issued on banks which no longer exist. An interesting look into our banking history £16.50

Picture of Coastal Cheque Collection (10)

Coastal Cheque Collection (10)

From our vast stock of cheques we have gathered together 10 different cheques from 10 different coastal locations around the British Isles. They are dated from the 1870’s through to the early years of the twentieth century. Included are cheques from Thurso, Ramsay, Oban, Whitby, Isle of Wight, Whitehaven, Felixstowe, Cromer, Eastbourne and Brighton. A bumper Coastal Cheque Collection
Picture of London Cheque Selection

London Cheque Selection

A selection of 7 different cheques issued by banks with London in the title. There are 2 cheques from the London County & Westminster Bank Limioted, 3 from the London & County Banking Company Limited and 2 from the London and Westminster Bank Limited. Through various mergers they all ended up as part of the current Royal Bank of Scotland Banking Goup..

Our cheques are dated in the 1890's through to 1918.


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