Charles Roe / Macclesfield Halfpenny Token Very Fine

We have a Token featuring one of the great industrialists of the time, Charles Roe. Originally from Castleton, Derbyshire, he settled in Macclesfield where he was educated. His early ventures focus on the silk trade but, in 1756, he started mining copper at the Coniston mines in the Lake District and at Alderley Edge, near Macclesfield. In 1758 he built a copper smelter on Macclesfield Common and, in 1767, he further expanded and built a copper smelter in Liverpool. In 1774, the Macclesfield Copper Company was formed together with other partners and became one of the giants of the 18th-century brass trade. Charles Roe died in 1781 but the company continued with the involvement of the other partners and, in 1790, they began issuing these halfpenny tokens with the portrait of Charles Roe and the inscription CHARLES ROE ESTABLISHED THE COPPER WORKS 1758. The reverse shows Industry seated with a mining drill and a cogwheel in her hand with MACCLESFIELD HALFPENNY at the top. The edge inscription reads PAYABLE AT MACCLESFIELD LIVERPOOL OR CONGLETON.
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