Charles III Sovereign 2024 BU

We have just had our early strikes of the New 2024 King Charles III Gold Sovereign. The coin weighs almost 8 grams of 22ct pure gold and is struck by the Royal Mint. It is in choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and is the first one of a new series. The first of any new series is always a difficult one to get, so this is your chance to get in at the beginning of the new series…Two points to remember, there is NO VAT payable on the coin and when you eventually sell it, there is NO Capital Gains Tax to pay!
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This is one of the first, and only, gold coins of Charles III to be struck featuring the official crowned ‘Coronation’ portrait designed by Martin Jennings. Each of the coins is struck in 22ct gold to the highest standards that we have come to expect from the Royal Mint.