Charles II 1660 - 1685

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1672 Crown Fine_obv

Charles II, Crown 1672 Fine

edge V. Quarto, Fine

Charles II, Crown 1679 Good Fine

Third bust. T. Primo. Good Fine but a nick in the original planchet, only affects the obverse.
Charles II, Farthing 1672 EF/GVF_obv

Charles II, Farthing 1672

Nearly Extremely Fine/ Good Very Fine.

Charles II, Halfcrown 1670 Very Fine

3rd bust. V. Secundo, Very Fine the reverse even better

Charles II, Shilling 1663

Charles II (1660-85) Shilling, First Bust, 1663 (normal die axis) Extremely Fine very Prooflike with beautiful toning Rare