Charles I Tower Mint Shilling Fine

The Coinage issued during the reign of Charles I is one of the most varied and fascinating in English Numismatic history. In 24 years there was a huge range of designs adopted, first at the Tower Mint at the Tower of London, and later across the Country as Charles set up Royalist Mints during the English Civil War of 1642-1646. One of the most collectable denominations is the Shilling, or twelve pence. We’re delighted to offer you Shillings of Charles I struck at the Tower Mint between 1625 and 1649. These Shillings were very popular and therefore heavily circulated, many originated from hoards buried during the Civil War and feature a bust of the King with XII behind, representing 12 pence. The reverse features the shield with cross. We can offer them in Fine condition.
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