Ceylon, Elizabeth II, 2 Cents 1955 Uncirculated

Issued just two years after Coronation this scalloped edge Two Cents was issued in 1955. This was while Ceylon was Ceylon and before it became Sri Lanka. You have the youthful portrait of the Queen on one side and the value and date on the other side. The coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition and this is not a coin you see all the time, especially in Uncircuated condition. We bought this group from a dealer who had put them away years ago and he finally decided that it was time to sell his little hoard. It is a coin that we have not had for years and years and feel that it is scarcer than the catalogue indicates. Get them while you can buy one for your collection or buy a pair so you can display both sides at once. Remember they are 1955, they are 68 years old and in Uncirculated condition.
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