Central African States 2000 Francs P-New Unc

The Central African States recently issued a whole new set of currency without country codes and legal tender in all member states. From this series we offer Uncirculated examples of the 2000 francs (P-New) In pastel shades the front is dominated by a Stylised outline map of Africa in diamonds and the BEAC Headquarters in Yaounde Cameroon. Lush jungle and ying birds feature on the back. Uncirculated.
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Egypt 200 Pounds 2021 P 77c Unc_obv

Egypt 200 Pounds 2021 P 77c Unc

These 200-pound notes from Egypt are impressive. (P77) The front features the Qani Bay Mosque with a minaret in Cairo. The back depicts the statue of the Seated Scribe with hieroglyphics alongside which translates as Egypt is Peace. Crisp Uncirculated and Limited availability.
Greece 2000M Drachma 1944 P133 Unc

Greece 2000M Drachma 1944 P133 Unc

In the 1940s, Greece suffered from rampant inflation and although times were hard the banknotes produced were still able to celebrate Greece’s glorious past. The numbers on this note say a modest 2000 but the truth is the note is for 2000 million drachma !(P133) The central vignette is a frieze taken from The Parthenon in Athens. These notes were printed locally in Athens and are in Uncirculated condition.
Pakistan 75 Rupees 2023 P-New 75th Ann Bank Unc

Pakistan 75 Rupees 2023 P-New 75th Ann Bank Unc

Pakistan celebrated another 75th Anniversary this year by issuing a banknote. This time the 75 rupees is to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the National Bank (P-New) .The front has a portrait of Mohammed Jinnah, considered the founding father of Pakistan. The back has a portrait of his sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah who was his closest confidant. Crisp Uncirculated.