Celtic Danube Silver Tetradrachm Imitating Alexander III (the Great) 3rd-2nd Century B.C.

The first time the ancient Celtic peoples of Eastern Europe encountered coins was payment for fighting in Ancient Greek wars. The Danubian Celts fought as mercenaries for Macedon and were paid in Silver coins. They took these home and when silver bullion was available they would copy the coins they had, making their own version of the design. These are based on the Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great! These Silver Tetradrachms date from the 3rd to 2nd Century B.C. and are based on Alexander’s design showing a part of Herakles head on the obverse and an outline of seated Zeus on the reverse. They were weakly struck so they do not show the full design but this is reflected in the price of only £95 for a 2,300 year old coin of over 16g in silver. Own your piece of Celtic Numismatic history….
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