Cayman Islands Currency Board 1971 1 Dollar P1a A/1 Unc

Prior to 1972, the Cayman Islands used Jamaican Currency. In 1971, a law was passed initiating a Cayman Islands currency. These 1 dollar bills issued by the Cayman Islands Currency Board are amongst the first to be issued. We know this because they all have the prefix A/1. They are in Uncirculated condition. (P1a.) The front boasts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Anthony Buckley. In it she is shown wearing the Queen Alexandra Kokoshik Tiara, the Queen’s Festoon necklace and various Royal Family Orders, pinned to the Riband of the Order of the Garter. On the back, a typical underwater coral reef vignette is depicted. Crisp Uncirculated.
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Cayman Islands 1 dollar 1971 P1a. Blue. QEII at r, treasure chest at lower l, arms at centre/ Tropical fish & coral reef at centre. Unc

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