Canada, Newfoundland, Large & Small 1 Cent coins

Newfoundland, when it was independent, used to issue its own coins, but with the portrait of British Monarchs on them. The smallest denomination struck was the One Cent coin. But due to inflation, the One Cent coin went from a large cent to a small cent.Under King George V the One Cent was a large bronze coin, but under King George VI it became a small bronze coin. You will note that both portraits are facing left, rather than right and left. That is because Edward VIII came in between them and his portrait would have been Facing the other way. Nice coins, two monarchs, two different sizes one denomination. Both coins are in Fine or better condition and well worth adding to your collection.
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In 1978, the Islamic Republic of Iran was established when the Pahlavi dynasty was ousted from power by the supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini. Before banknotes could be issued in the name of the new republic, notes from the fallen regime were used but all traces of the Shah were obliterated by overprints over his portrait which appeared on the fronts and in the watermark. We can offer Uncirculated 50 rials showing the obliterated portraits of the Shah(P123b) The back features a view of the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae. Uncirculated.