Canada, Newfoundland, George V 10c

George V Newfoundland 10 Cent Silver
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Zimbabwe 5 Billion Dollars 2008 P61 Unc

Zimbabwe 5 billion dollars 2008 P61 Mauve on white Design/ grain silos Unc.
1944 British Guiana WW2 Silver Groat_obv

British Guiana, 1944 WW2 Silver Groat

About ten years ago we bought a large group of silver Groats or 4d from British Guiana. British Guiana is at the top of South America and the coins we bought have been ‘misplaced’ for ten years or more. Peter not only found them but also found out how many we had. These are difficult coins to find and are some of the last of the silver groats issued. Here we offer the 1944 Groat. They were struck in silver and are in selected circulated condition. Now that Peter has found them, We can offer them to our collectors, but supplies are very limited. A Scarce coin that several dealers in the Far East wanted, but we couldn’t find them at the time…
Chile, 1 Peso 1933 Very Fine_obv

Chile, 1 Peso 1933 Very Fine

From Chile we offer a 1933 1 Peso coin, which was the year that Chile replaced their Silver coins with cupro nickel. This coin features the Andean Condor (vulture) perched on a rock, the reverse depicts the denomination and date surrounded by a laurel wreath. The Andean Condor which inhabits the Andes is the national symbol of Chile and is also known as the Chilean Condor. This inexpensive cupro nickel coin is in Very Fine condition and should appeal to collectors interested in birds. Limited supplies.