Canada, Edward VIII, Dollar Patina Crowned Bust Copper

Canadian Patina piece featuring Edward VIII with a crowned head. The reverse has the famous trapper and native guide in a canoe with a pine tree behind them. The design was used on most Canadian Silver Dollars from 1935 until 1966. The mintage was just 750 pieces. They are struck in copper and in Prooflike condition and we think are very important to any Edward VIII collection.
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Tristan da Cunha, 2010 Sir Walter Raleigh Crown

Sir Walter Raleigh was Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite until he fell out of favour and then… He was known as an explorer and hero but also for bringing tobacco from the New World to this country. Something many people might not like today. This beautiful Prooflike crown was issued in 2010 by Tristan da Cunha and has Sir Walter Raleigh on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other. The British flag is highlighted in red, white and blue and the whole coin has been gold plated. They are in Proof condition and come in a protective capsule. Supplies are very limited, especially at our Special Brice of just £9.95.
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Edward VII, Halfcrown Very Good

Edward VII had a very short reign, 1901-1910, because his Mother, Queen Victoria, lived so long. Much of his coinage is difficult to get and in some cases rather expensive. All of his silver coins were struck in Sterling Silver and a crown was only issued in 1902 for his Coronation. So we offer the Sterling Silver Halfcrown, the largest denomination silver coin stuck for regular usage. It has the bare head of the King on one side and a beautiful crowned shield on the other side. Dates will be of our choice, but no rare dates are included. Available here in Very Good condition.
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New Zealand, Threepence 1940

We have just purchased a group of King George VI Silver Threepences from New Zealand, all were issued during World War II. This was the furthest part of the British Empire at the time and these coins must have had a heck of journey to get to New Zealand. All coins are in Fine condition and this one was issued in 1940.