Canada, Charles III, 2024 Silver Maple BU

The New 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf's have come in and for the first time they feature the bust of King Charles III. Each coin contains one ounce of 999.9 fi ne silver. The coins have a multifaceted surface which makes them not only shine but gleam as well. You can’t get any coins with any purer silver than these. You will love them. Although the price of silver has been on the move, we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible.
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Farewell to £.s.d (Pre-Decimal) Coin Set - 9 coins

Farewell to £.s.d (Pre-Decimal) Coin Set

We have put together a unique collection of the old pre-decimal coins. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the old £.S.D. or pre-decimal coins were replaced by the coins that we use today. We have compiled a set of Uncirculated coins containing the Crown, Half Crown, Florin, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Sixpence, Brass Threepence, Penny, and Halfpenny. All the coins that were circulating before the decimal coins.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1977 Mint Set Special

Elizabeth II, 1977 Mint Set Special

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee or 25th anniversary as our Queen. The Royal Mint issued a special Crown to mark the occasion and more importantly, issued every denomination for that year for circulation. This is something that did not happen all that often. They also issued a Proof Set of these 1977 coins, but they did not issue a Mint Set in 1977. Years ago we obtained a quantity of the coins and had Sandhill make up a red white and blue display card for the 1977 Mint Set. It comes in a Sandhill case, which with the insert would cost you today at least £4-£5, as they are no longer made. You get the Halfpenny, Penny, Twopence, Five Pence, Ten Pence, 50 Pence and Crown. Only the Penny and Twopence are still being made today of the same size and even they are now made out of steel. All the other coins have been reduced in size except for the Halfpence and Crown which are no longer made. All of the coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, remember the case and insert alone would cost you £4-£5 today, a bargain!
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Costa Rica 2000 Colones 2018 (2020) P-New Shark Polymer Unc

Costa Rica is another country, which has decided to issue its banknotes on polymer. From this particularly attractive series, dated 2018 but only issued late 2020,we offer Uncirculated examples of the 2000 colones (P-New) This is a lovely note and in no small way because of the design on the back which features a Bull shark swimming among coral with a starfish and turtles also illustrated. The front has a map of the country in SPARK and a portrait of Mauro Fernandez Acuna . He was a 19th century politician and lawyer. Books are shown to his left and a view of Colegio Superior de Senoritas building in San Jose, which he helped found. Uncirculated.