Canada, 2010 1 Cent Roll of 50

In 2010 Canada decided not to issue any more cents, just as Australia and New Zealand had done. We found that we had some Brilliant Uncirculated rolls of the 2010 Canadian cent in stock and thought you might be interested, Canada first issued a Cent coin in 1858 under Queen Victoria and the last coins were struck in 2010 under Queen Elizabeth II. You get a roll of 50 Brilliant Uncirculated 2010 Canadian Cents for just £9.95. Considering shipping costs and VAT and the fact that they are no longer being made, I think that is quite reasonable. It is only about 20p a coin, we only have 50 rolls available. Only for Sale in the UK due to postal costs.
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Wahram V_Silver_Drachm

Wahram V, Silver Drachm

The Sasanians were the last ruling dynasty of the ancient Persian Empire and controlled what is now Iran from A.D. 224-651. They constantly captured and lost large areas of territory outside Iran and were a major power in Western Asia, even capturing the Roman Emperor Valerian in A.D. 260! Interestingly though they do not leave many direct sources but the rulers were keen on producing coins to spread their name, so their coinage provides a direct insight into their world and the system of mints which spanned their empire. This means we are offering you the best way to learn about these peoples and a coin for your collection! Adding to this these are high quality silver drachms, containing around 95% pure silver which is about as good as it was technically possible to achieve at that point in history. We have two small groups in an exceptional grade from the Scarce consecutive rulers Yazdgerd I and Wahram V, his son. The obverse of the coins show the bust of the ruler facing right with their name written in front and various honorary titles behind the neck. The reverse shows an altar with the holy fire guarded by two standing figures. To the left of the altar is usually the regnal year and to the right is the mint mark (siglum). Presented here is the Wahram V Silver Drachm The best thing about these coins is their grade, they are virtually as struck and as good as you will get. Own an exotic piece of history from this enigmatic empire!
Picture of Hungary, 5 Pengo 1943 Aluminium Crownsize coin

Hungary, 5 Pengo 1943 Aluminium Crownsize coin

Not many crowns have been struck in Aluminium which makes this wartime Hungarian crown all the more unusual. It was originally struck in 1943 to commemorate the 75th Birthday of Admiral Horthy. He was Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1917 and was regent of Hungary, acting on behalf of the absent King. During the Second World War, Hungary was part of the German alliance but in 1944 Horthy announced Hungary`s withdrawal from the war and was duly imprisoned by the Germans. He was released by the allies and he retired to Portugal where he died in 1957. In the 1950s the Hungarian Mint restruck this special Aluminium crown in prooflike condition and it is these we are able to offer now. This is the first group of these crowns that we`ve seen in years They are much more difficult to get than the catalogue suggests and at just £8.95 they are a good value for money!
Picture of Elizabeth II, Sixpence 1956 Unc

Elizabeth II, Sixpence 1956 Unc

Anice example of a pre-decimal Elizabeth II Sixpence in Uncirculated condition. The Sixpence was the only coin that did not have a decimal equivalent that was allowed to still be used when decimal coins came in. That was because it was the price of a phone call in a call box and decimal coins were causing too many problems at that time.