Cambodia 30,000 Riels 2021 P-New /TBB435 30th Ann Peace Agt Unc

This 30,000 riels note was issued in 2021 to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement of October 1991. This treaty marked the official ending of the Cambodia - Vietnamese War also referred to as the Third Indo China War (P-New) This is a larger than usual note with a portrait of King Norodom Sihanouk on the front with flowers. The back shows Techo Hun Seh holding up the right hand of Preah Borom Ratanak Kaudh. Other illustrations include the Royal Palace, the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh and the Eiffel Tower in Paris where the Peace Agreement was signed. The agreement led to the first ever occasion in which the UN took over as the government of a state. The agreement was signed by nineteen countries. Uncirculated.
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