Burundi 500-10,000 Francs 2018-2021 (5) Unc

This wonderful colourful set comprises the complete denomination range for Burundi, a landlocked country which is also one of the smallest on the African continent. Our set, dated between 2018 and 2021, comprises 5 denominations ranging from the 500 francs up to the magnificent 10,000 francs (P51-54). The fronts all feature an outline map of the country with different vignettes inside the map of shipping, a banana grove, rice harvest, hills, and fronds. Illustrations on the backs include a coffee plant, long-horned cattle, a pineapple plant, drummers and dancers, and portraits of President Ndadaye and Prince Rwagasore alongside a crocodile, bird, antelope, wildebeest, and hippo. A wonderful colourful set from Burundi Uncirculated.
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