Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Unc

Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Mauve President at r/ House building Unc
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Costa Rica, 1000 colones, 2009 (P274). UNC

Printed on polymer plastic and issed from 2009.

Lesotho 5 Maloti 1989 P10a Unc

Lesotho 5 maloti 1989 P10 Blue and green. King Mashoshoe in civilian clothes at r/Dramatic Waterfall Unc

Guatamala 5 Quetzales 2011 P122 Polymer Plastic Unc

Guatemala has flirted with issuing polymer banknotes and this 5 quetzales dated 2010 is one of the few. (P122) The front features a portrait of General Justo Rufino Barrios who was President of Guatemala between 1873 and 1885. The back has a schoolroom scene and celebrates the introduction of free primary education. Uncirculated polymer 5 quetzales