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George III, Bull Head Shilling 1816 Choice Unc_obv

George III, Shilling (Bull Head) 1816 Choice Unc

George III’s reign covered a crucial period in British history, which included the American Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. In 1816, The British economy was in a state of transition, it was a time of rebuilding and economic stabilization for Britain after the long and costly wars against France. The shillings of 1816 serve as a tangible artifact, minted during a time of historical significance as they marked the introduction of Britain’s new coinage in 1816, as well as reflecting the historical context of the post-Napoleonic era. We’ve been putting aside high-grade examples of these fabulous 1816 shillings for a while and are delighted to offer them to you in Choice Uncirculated, we only have 17 in stock so get one while stocks last.
Picture of George III, Shilling (Bull Head) 1816-1820 Fair

George III, Shilling (Bull Head) 1816-1820 Fair

George III Bull Head (1816-1820) Shilling offered in Fair. Dates will be of our choice, but the more coins you order the more dates we will try to give you.
Picture of George III, Shilling (Bull Head) VG

George III, Shilling (Bull Head) VG

In 1816 there was the Currency Reform Act, which allowed coins to be struck even without the Monarch’s permission. This was put into place because of King George III’s illness and the shortage of small change. From 1816 on, new designs, new weights, new everything. These are the first of the new Sterling Silver Shillings issued from 1816-1820. You have the bull head of the King on one side and a crowned shield on the other side.