Brtish Coins List November 2023

A new upload of British Milled coins is now live on our website, take this opportunity to add some high-grade coins from the reigns of George VVictoria, George IV, George III, and Queen Anne to your collection.

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Anne, 1708 Maundy Fourpence Nearly Extremely Fine_obv

Anne, Maundy Fourpence 1708 Nearly Extremely Fine

A bright coin.

Anne, Maundy Threepence 1708 Nearly Extremely Fine

And bright.
George III 1820 Shilling Unc_obv

George III, Shilling 1820 Unc

With beautiful blue and maegenta peripheral toning.
George IV 1829 Sixpence Nearly Extremely Fine_obv

George IV, Sixpence 1829 Nearly Extremely Fine

George V, 1927 Wreath Crown Proof_obv

George V, Crown (Wreath) 1927 Proof

Near FDC with the faintest hairlines to the obverse. Mintage: 15,030.
Victoria, 1897 Old Head Florin Unc_obv

Victoria, Florin (Old Head) 1897 Unc

with an appealing old tone, tiny carbon mark on veil.